The View From My Window

I’ve got two official window views now.  The one from my office window at the parish is a bit more “pastoral”.  I see our back parking lot.  I see the traffic coming in and out at the beginning and end of each school day.  I see the students walking to the main school entrance and hear their chattering as they discuss their day.

The view from my office at the Diocese of Gary’s Pastoral Center is much more chaotic.  My window faces Broadway and it is a major thoroughfare.  I see plenty of ambulances heading down the road to Methodist Hospital.  I hear plenty of sirens.  I hear cars accelerating trying to beat the light.  I hear tires screeching as brakes are applied.  As I said, it is a much more chaotic view.

Our lives often have plenty of different views, don’t they?  That even applies to the people we might see on a daily basis.  Sometimes the view is very serene and pastoral.  Other times, the view can be quite chaotic.  Unlike the screeching of tires or wailing of sirens, though, we may not even know that a person’s life is in chaos.

For those people who live in chaos, I’m here to tell you that, while I might not understand all that is going on, I am praying for you!

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