A New Level Of Stress

I had to do something incredibly difficult today in my “side job”.  No one ever said that things were going to be easy; however, I say once again that I cannot wait until a bishop is assigned to our diocese so that I don’t have to be involved in so many decisions.

Tomorrow, I am going to take the guys from major seminary out for dinner before they all head back for another year of formation.  The beginning of the school year is beckoning them back to the books.  I thought I would treat them to The Lighthouse in Cedar Lake.  They have great steaks over there.  Yum.

I received a phone call from the pacemaker department this morning.  My pacemaker transmitted to the doctor’s office last night for its monthly report.  It recorded one brief “incident” early in July when my heart started racing; but, only for three seconds.  It settled itself back down and nothing repeated.  Other than that, everything looked fine.  I have one year and seven months left on my battery life.

That works really well because I’ll be going to Disney the first two full weeks of January 2021 and on my Bahamas Cruise the second week of April 2021.  Surgery should be late February or early March of 2021 to replace the pacemaker battery.  I’ll be back up and functioning for Holy Week and Easter and then for my cruise the second week of Easter.  My vacations are fine!  (Hey, one has to have priorities. 🙂 )

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to print tonight.  I’m going to swallow a couple of Tylenol and try to nurse this sinus headache down to a dull throb.

g’night, all

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