What’s This Calm?

Today was very weird for me.  I feel quite calm.  This past Friday, I came home from a week’s conference.  Yesterday, I caught up on all my work.  I had Mass last night and the two early Masses this morning.

From there, I finished my part of next Sunday’s bulletin (the cover and the pastor’s page).  I’ve been at the house the remainder of the day, alternating between watching some television and using my computer to work on parish and diocesan matters.

But there is this weird calm over me.  It’s like the calm before the storm.  I will be very busy the next couple of weeks before leaving for Rome.  This week will be frenetic beginning with tomorrow’s deanery meeting and moving through the week to our school’s performances of Willy Wonka, Jr.

Next Sunday begins our annual Forty Hours celebration.  The days quickly move to Thanksgiving.  From there, it’s a quick countdown to Rome.

I should be nervous and worried.  Instead, I’m calm, cool, and collected.  Something is very wrong with this picture.  However, I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

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