Very Weird Goings On

I just sat down to do tonight’s blog post and, when I pulled up the blog, I noticed that yesterday’s was not there.  I knew I did a post, at least I thought I knew I did a post.  So, I went to the dashboard and found out that I did, indeed, do a post yesterday.  For some crazy reason, it was marked as “Missed Schedule”, whatever the heck that means since I usually just hit “Publish” and it posts, though I never check.

Tonight, I will check to make sure that this posts when I hit “Publish”.

I went to my doctor this morning for my routine checkup.  All in all it was a good checkup.  I’m a little disappointed with myself since I gained a few pounds since my last visit.  I know the source:  stress.  I eat when I get stressed.  My blood sugar levels are still good, though, so it’s not like I’m going too crazy.  I just need to watch myself during the upcoming holidays and Disney vacation.

We had our deanery meeting this afternoon and after that, I went to Winfield to the funeral home for the wake of my good friend’s grandfather.  Fr. Brian will be burying his grandfather tomorrow and I plan to concelebrate the Funeral Mass with him.  His grandfather made it to 100.  That’s a blessing.

Fr. Declan is out of town tonight and not returning until tomorrow afternoon, so I’m getting to bed early as I have both morning Masses tomorrow before leaving for the funeral.  It will be a very busy day.  Rest first and then run like mad tomorrow.  Maybe I can run off a few pounds.  🙂

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