So Touched

Today’s ordination of our new bishop went exceedingly well.  God blessed us with wonderful weather and the liturgy ran smoothly.  We have a new bishop!

At the ordination dinner for clergy, family, and friends, Bishop McClory asked me to introduce him and then asked me to stay next to him at the podium.  Turns out he wanted to present me with something for my work as administrator of the diocese and my helping him these past couple of months in preparation for his ordination.

You may remember that I was supposed to go to Rome in December but, after he was named, I suggested he go instead since he was going to be the one working with the bishops who went.

Well, when he was there, he received something from the Holy Father that he wanted to present to me in, as he termed it, the ultimate re-gifting.  He presented me with a papal medallion of the Madonna and Child with the Papal Crest on the back.  I’m so touched by this magnanimous gift.  Thank you, Bishop McClory.  And, welcome to the Diocese of Gary!



2 Replies to “So Touched”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Well Deserved! I watched the ceremony at the cathedral on EWTN and I did see you! Was Father Declan there? I saw someone who looked like him. I’m so glad you FINALLY received recognition for all your work! But we are glad to have you back. God Bless!

    1. Fr. Declan was sitting next to our bishop-elect and was the one who asked Archbishop Thompson to ordain Bishop McClory.

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