Duty Done. Here Comes The Snow.

This morning, after I finished the school Mass, I sent in my paperwork to have my taxes done and then headed to a local tax preparation office to have my aunt’s final estate taxes done.

When all of that was complete, I headed to the Pastoral Center to turn in all the paperwork that needs to be sent to the Papal Nuncio’s office in Washington, D.C.  While at the Center, I saw Bishop McClory and we spoke for a while.  We had a nice visit.

When I finished with that, I went to Sam’s Club to buy some supplies for the office (coffee, creamer, cookies, et cetera).  I got back to the parish around 2:00 p.m. and then headed to the house.  A half hour after I got to the house, it began to snow lightly.  As this is my “day off”, I decided that was going to be it for the day.  I wasn’t going to chance heading out on the road.

So, I’ve had a lazy afternoon and evening and now, I’m going to hit the sack for a, hopefully, long sleep.  The outside looks like a snow globe and schools in Chicago are already closing for tomorrow.  We’ll see what happens locally.

g’night, all

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