It’s Ordered

On my day off today, I went to Valparaiso to meet a friend for lunch.  Before we met, though, I went to a furniture store to purchase a new recliner.  I generally sleep in my recliner anymore and after seventeen years of using it, a couple of the springs have given way and are poking me in the back at night.

I found the La-Z-Boy that I wanted and ordered it in the fabric that I wanted.  Now I just have to wait for it to be delivered:  sometime in July!  The salesman told me that I was lucky because I was purchasing a recliner.  He said that a sofa wouldn’t be delivered until September or October.  The pandemic, which has affected all sorts of areas, has even affected the manufacturer of sofas and recliners.  They are having a hard time sourcing the interior padding for the furniture!

So, I have to wait a few months before the new recliner gets here.  It will be nice when it arrives, though!

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