Can’t Go


Cruise lines are getting the green light to begin sailing again from the United States in July or August.  And I’m stuck here until next year.  Boo hoo.

Seriously, that’s okay by me.  I think I would be a little nervous going on a cruise the first few months.  I want to make sure that they have all their procedures in order and that everything is going smoothly.  My first cruise is a back-to-back Bahamian cruise in April 2022.  I can wait until then.

In the meantime, I’ll be leaving Sunday after my morning Masses for a week’s private retreat.  I’m not going very far, just up to the Mundelein area.  I’ll be staying at a local Springhill Suites and spending the majority of my time at Marytown as well as on the grounds and in the chapel of St. Mary of the Lake.

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