A Nice, Restful Day

Today was a nice, peaceful day.  It began with much-needed and uninterrupted sleep.  That was something that didn’t really happen in the hospital.  Hospitals are not made for people to sleep.  Anyway, I slept in and it felt good.

Midmorning, I went to the office to do my Pastor’s Page and bulletin cover for this coming Sunday’s bulletin.  After that, I went back to the house and rested until midafternoon when I met my brother for late lunch/early dinner.  Tru BBQ has a half-off special on a full slab of ribs every Monday and both my brother and I really like their ribs.

After our meal, I got back to the house and rested some more.  Now, I am writing this entry and then will prepare for sleep.  Tomorrow, I get to start back up by taking the 8:30 a.m. morning Mass.  I’m excited about that!

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