Wound Clinic Update

I went to the wound clinic this afternoon. They soaked the scab with lidocaine to deaden the pain and then took tweezers to it to rip it all off so that it could heal better. I was not amused. The lidocaine probably helped some; but, I could still feel it. Oy.

I have to say, though, that it looked better. The doctor was pleased with everything.

As part of the visit, they put blood pressure cuffs on both arms and both bottom of the legs to check and make sure that the blood pressures were equal. There should be no big differences. If there are, that would indicate blockages, slower blood flow, and more risk of infecting easier. I passed! (y)  The doctor said that the numbers look really good. So, I was sent home with a different kind of bandaging. It is similar to the one that the wound clinic gave me on discharge but this has silver in the material as well and it’s designed to help defeat any infection building up.

I have a follow up appointment with the wound clinic in two weeks.  I follow up with the referring doctor tomorrow and with my family doctor next Wednesday.

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