A Wonderful Find!

This evening, I decided to “bite the bullet” and clean out one of the drawers in a little used former nightstand.  The drawer was filled with reconciled bank statements both from my dad and from me.  The records were well over twenty-five years now so there is no need to hang on to them any longer.

As I was going through the drawer and the records to move them to a shred box, something rattled.  I pushed the statements aside and, what to my wondering eye should appear but an item that I have looked for throughout the years:  my high school class ring.

I had pretty much written it off.  How it found its way into the check reconciliation drawer is beyond me.  I will stick to one of two reasons:  (1) Murphy lives with me, or (2) Gremlins inhabit the house. 🙂

I have been reliving memories of high school this evening.  What a happy find!

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