One Week Done!

Well, we survived our first week of school.  It wasn’t a full week since the students didn’t come in until Tuesday but, hey, it was four days and we weren’t shut down because of the pandemic.  We’ll take victories as they come!  🙂

I have to admit that the pandemic situation really concerns me.  Too many people who have been vaccinated and who have taken all sorts of precautions are getting sick nonetheless with this delta variant.  If they’ve been vaccinated, they have a good chance of recovery.  It’s just concerning.

Take care of yourselves.  If you haven’t been vaccinated, please consider doing so.  If you are symptomatic, please get yourself tested and quarantine if necessary.  We have to move this from a pandemic situation to an endemic situation so that, with enough herd immunity, it becomes nothing more than the annual flu that goes around.

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