Privacy Issues

Some people are very concerned about privacy issues.  Others?  Apparently not at all.

I went out to lunch today just to get away for a little bit.  I was sitting at my table eating.  A few tables away, there was someone talking on the phone.  The speaker was on.  She was apparently doing some preadmission authorization.  The person on the other end of the phone was asking for very pertinent information and she was giving it loudly.  Anyone could have garnered a lot of information about her, enough to cause some serious problems by pretending to be her.

I just shook my head.  That conversation should have been taken outside or should at least have been done in subdued voice and not on speaker.  Oh well.  When she gets the credit card bill for the many things I purchased, she’ll learn.  🙂 Just joking.

Please, folks.  Be careful about how and where you divulge personal information.  Keep yourselves safe.

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