Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime

The sad reality is that very few people really listen to others any more.  When asking someone, “How are you?”, they expect to hear, “Fine”.  If anything else is said, that person will tend to be ignored.

We don’t want to hear how other people are doing.  We don’t want to because they are external to ourselves.  The world is becoming so selfish that it doesn’t want to hear about others.  It only wants people to recognize “me”.  If “me” gets recognized, that’s good.  If “me” doesn’t get recognized, there will be consequences.

Hey folks, listen up.  There are others who are important in this world as well.  It’s not all about you.  Others might just be hurting and need a listening ear.  Why don’t you give one to them.  After all, you might be in need some day yourself.  Wouldn’t you want someone to listen to you?

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