Just There

Today was a not really much to write home about.  It was just “there”.  I know I’ve been whining somewhat about the weather but, I’ll say it again, my sinuses are killing me.  I really hate this time of the year.  As seasons shift, I will find myself shifting my pains.  My sinuses are going to be the center of attention for about another month and then the weather will start to affect my arthritis more than my sinuses.

I’ll go from sinus headaches to barking arthritic knees.  As I said, this time of year is not fun but I know that it doesn’t last.  And the “doesn’t last” part brings its own set of problems/conditions.

When winter begins to set in and the furnaces get turned on, I have to set up humidifiers because the air gets so dry that I get nosebleeds.  Yes, for about two and a half months, if I blow my nose, I can almost guarantee a nosebleed especially from the right nostril.  Sorry for grossing any of you out.

My parents always warned me not to get old.  What choice do we have?  I just have to deal with the accompanying things that happen with age.  But, hey, it’s better than the alternative! 🙂

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