What Did I Do?

I was looking forward to my day off today.  I spent it doing very little, though, because of my sinuses.  I did go to the condo and put the vent covers back up on the ducts in the kitchen since the painter finished the kitchen/gathering space recently.  The place is looking really nice!  I can’t wait to be able to move into it, at least for day’s off and the like.

I made an appointment with Stanley Steamer to come to the condo next Wednesday in order to clean the tile and grout in the two bathrooms, entry foyer, and kitchen/gathering space.

When I spoke with the scheduler, she said that the people who come would move any furniture necessary as long as it wasn’t too heavy.  I told her that the people who come will have the time of their lives because the place is totally empty and they don’t have to worry about furniture or any other obstacles.  I’m sure that will make their job go really quick.

Someone’s coming to my place this Friday to put together the TV stand/fireplace that I purchased from Menards.  I’m really excited about this feature in my condo since I will be able to turn on the fireplace for ambiance without necessarily using the heating unit.

The place is getting closer and closer to my being able to start moving things in.  Of course, the real move in won’t be until February when the furniture I ordered finally arrives.  Until then, though, I can start loading other things, pots and pans, pictures, lamps, and the like into the condo.  My excitement level is ramping up.

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