Sleep In

My “day off” is generally Wednesday Noon to Thursday Noon.  I often do not get the day off as I have appointments throughout the day.  There were a few things I needed to do at the office yesterday as well.

However, Thursday mornings are “don’t have to set the alarm” types of mornings.  Granted, I get up pretty much on my own at the same time every day; however, there is something mentally freeing not hearing an alarm wake me.

This morning, I got up and lollygagged around a while.  Then, I made my morning video and uploaded it to YouTube.  When that was done, I made breakfast for myself and turned on a movie.

My slow start to the day had me refreshed and ready to hit the office by 10:00 a.m. so I went there to get some work done.  I have a few meetings and my late afternoon was leaving the office for the day.  I headed to the condo to check on a couple of things and then got back to the house.

I check on my blog because someone emailed me asking if I was all right since I hadn’t posted the past couple of days.  I had posted; but, somehow the posts never “published”.  I went into the blog software, kicked the tires, and got the posts to publish.  I never write anything really earth-shattering but I’m sorry about the kink in the publishing schedule.  Hopefully things work tonight.

Well, that’s about all that’s fit to print.  More tomorrow.

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