Never Would Have Predicted

I write.  A lot.  Daily.  A few times a day.  At least.  If someone would have told me in the seminary that a vast amount of my ministry would be written, I would have laughed at them.  But daily I write a few things:  this blog, a daily reflection blog (which I also post to our parish’s daily reflection Facebook page), several missives on Facebook, and several emails to different constituencies.  It keeps me busy.  I’d like to say it keeps me out of trouble but that’s another story. 🙂

I also write the Pastor’s Page for our weekly bulletin, incorporating the Sunday daily reflection into the column as well as a bit of humor On The Lighter Side as well as a cartoon.

I also do a fair share of talking as well.  I have my daily homily, of course, and also a daily video on Facebook and YouTube.  These are designed to bring the scriptures alive (homily) or speak about current things such as the pandemic (videos).

Media, especially today, has become very important.  We didn’t have much training or experience in that when I was in the seminary a couple of years ago.  Okay, okay.  I’ll be honest.  Let’s try forty-eight years ago. Word are powerful and I am always trying to pick the best words possible to speak as well as to write.  Sometimes they backfire on me because someone takes what I write or say differently.  That just makes me try harder.

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