Signed, Sealed, Soon-To-Be-Delivered

Well, I did my Christmas cards today.  First of all, let’s start at the beginning, most specifically with having to wake up at a certain time.  I didn’t have to. Yay!  Yep, the Carmelite Fathers are functioning again after being quarantined for a week so I didn’t have to worry about getting up at any specific time this morning as they have both morning Masses on Thursdays since my day off, technically, is Wednesday Noon through Thursday Noon.  Was I up around the same time anyway?  Well, yeah.  But it felt good waking up without an alarm goading me to do so.

After I got up, I made my daily morning video and posted it on line.  From there, it was a shower and breakfast and then Christmas cards.  I finished the cards about 10:30 a.m. and then went to the office for forty-five minutes to check through messages, et cetera.  After that, I left to join my oldest brother for lunch.

Back at the parish after lunch, I got my office work done and went to a local nursing home to anoint a parishioner.  I also scheduled a visit with another parishioner for this coming Monday.

Tomorrow, the people from the blinds company are putting up the window treatments in my condo.  The only thing left to have done is the delivery of the rest of the new furniture in February.  Once the blinds get up, I’ll feel more comfortable about using the condo.  I just don’t like being in a place after the sun goes down that doesn’t have blinds.  I’m on the fourth floor and all but still, I would feel like a fish in an aquarium. Also, I wouldn’t be able to sleep in my bedroom without the room-darkening blinds.  Light wakes me up/keeps me up way too easily.

Tonight was our students’ Christmas Band Concert.  Tomorrow, the band will play for the school in the morning.  That is when I will see them.

Hey, folks, do your best to keep yourselves safe.  Lake County is pretty near the only county in Indiana that is not back up to “red” and we are going to be there soon.  The Delta variant is still doing its thing.  Make sure you take all the precautions necessary for you and yours.  That is all.

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