I Hate This Weather

Crazy day.

Morning started normal.  Morning Mass, office work.  Then, I left to meet someone in Valparaiso.  The skies got gloomy and there was a heavy mist most of the way.  By the time I was returned home two hours later, the rains had begun in earnest and the roads got sloppy and the drivers were just as sloppy.  It took almost twice as long to get home.  By the time I arrived back in Munster, my sinuses were pounding from the weather fronts shifting.

When I got back, I went to the condo to see the new blinds. (I let the person in who was going to install them this morning before I left for Valparaiso.)  They look really nice and my windows now have coverage.  Yay.

This evening, I’m just sitting around trying to figure out how long I’m going to make it before I give up and try to sleep.  To be honest, it might be soon.  Very soon.

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