I’m Just Not There

I’m in a real quandary.  Christmas is Saturday but I’m “just not feeling it.”  I think about the thousand and one things that need to be done in order to be ready.  I know that it will all get done.  But taking care of the different things is all on the external.  There’s something inside that is telling me that I’m not ready.  Actually, it’s saying “meh”.  I’ve got the blahs.  It’s not that I’m sad or depressed.  It’s just that I’m just not ready, internally, to grasp such a great moment and hold on for all it’s worth.

I’m sure that I’ll be there by Friday afternoon for Christmas Eve.  If I were a betting man, though, I might put some money down on that wager.

Maybe Lessons and Carols will inspire me.  It’s in thirty-five minutes and it never fails to move me closer to the Christmas mark.

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