Fight The Cold!

It is COLD out there and now we are going to be under a wind advisory through tomorrow afternoon which will make the cold feel that much colder.  I don’t know about you; but, all I can think about it getting warm.

Which is why I employed a “warm” strategy today.

I made reservations for next year’s Disney trip a few weeks ago (January 1-13).  I’m hearing more and more that park tickets are probably to go up an obscene amount this year.  I wanted to purchase a park ticket for my vacation but there is nothing for sale beginning January 1st next year.

Never fear.  I purchased a ten day ticket dated December 31st of this year!  That way, it will be good through the dates of my January vacation!  Here’s the  important part of the verification email of my purchase:

Ha.  Gotcha Disney.  Now you can raise the ticket rates all you want.  I’m covered for another year!  This was a great way for me to fight the cold today.

g’night, all

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