Pennies From Heaven

Or, dollars from Xfinity 🙂

I went to the condo this afternoon to check on things since I haven’t been there in two weeks because of bad weather or diocesan meetings.  When I opened my mailbox, there was an envelope from Xfinity.  When I opened it, there was a prepaid debit card inside the envelope with instructions to call or go online to verify receipt.

I thought to myself, “Scam!”

Then I went online to check into it.  It was legit.  A promotion.

When I dug in further, I found out that, after I purchased my condo, when I signed up for Comcast internet, they had a promotion going on and I got a debit card because I had signed up as a new user with their high speed internet.

So, I cashed in the card and put the money on my Amazon account.

Thanks, Xfinity!

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