An Update For You

Some of you have messaged me to ask how I was doing so I thought I would post an update:

The swelling has not gone down much and probably won’t for a while. I remember the second unit I had implanted. I think it took two or three months before the chest started looking smooth again.

Sleep? That’s been better. The first night was a bit rough. The second night was a bit better. Last night? I slept hard. I’m still tired but that’s to be expected. The body takes all its energy and directs it toward open wounds. Slice into a person and they get fatigued.  🙂

I was just allowed back into a shower today but need to keep the bandaging dry. It comes off a week from this Thursday (April 7). I have to watch the area around the bandage for signs of infection and have to be careful not to put any pressure on the wound or to lift anything more than ten pounds with my left arm. Also can’t lift my arm over my shoulder so it doesn’t put pressure on the wound.

I walked over to the church last night and sat in the chapel so that I could go to the 5:30 p.m. Mass. I sat through Mass, received Communion, and then came right back to the house afterward and got back into my recliner.

It felt good to walk over but it was also probably a bit too early for me to have done that. It took a lot out of me.

So I rested up today. It was bright, sunny, and COLD: a good day to be trapped inside.

I’ll be out of the office until this coming Friday, April 1st. Returning to work that day probably will feel like an April Fool’s joke.  😮 Thanks for all the love and prayers, my friends!

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