New Monitor On Order

I received a phone call from Medtronic this afternoon informing me that they were notified of my new pacemaker.  They have arranged for a new bedside monitor to be delivered.  Because of, here we go, “supply chain issues” — yeah, we’re used to hearing that, aren’t we? — the new unit will not arrive until 4-5 weeks from now.  When it arrives, all I need to do is plug it in and transmit my first report.  After that, it syncs with the pacemaker department and receives all the programming that it will need to monitor me and report on me monthly.

So, all I have to do is hope that nothing happens in the first month.  Eh.  I’ve go through that twice before waiting for monitors on my previous pacemakers.  I just don’t understand why they don’t send you home with one when you have surgery to implant a pacemaker.  That would seem to be the most logical.

There I go again, trying to use logic. 🙂

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