Pressure Check

Pressure is a good thing or not a good thing, depending on the circumstance.  We need a certain amount of pressure (blood pressure, tire pressure, et cetera) in order to be as safe as possible.  Too much pressure or too little pressure, however, can radically change events.

For several years, I have been monitored for high ocular pressure.  It’s called glaucoma.  The doctor tries to keep the pressure as close to normal as possible since high pressure can damage the optic nerve and result in impaired vision if not outright blindness.

So far, my pressures are holding their own (with the help of three different medications, that is).  I’m glad for that.

Next appointment in four months.  That’s my “biggie appointment” as it also involves a visual field test, extensive pictures of the eye, and complete dilation for an in-depth view of the eye.

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