Post-Christmas Fog

As I get older, it is harder for me to do “marathon Mass weekends” such as this year’s weekend followed immediately by Christmas.  I have shared that before.  Yesterday, I shared how it felt so good to have slept ten hours the night before, having only slept two hours the night before that.

Today?  Well, today I was in a fog, physical and mental.  I am so beat up with the schedule that I had that I am telling myself that I am really looking forward to retirement in a couple of years.  I will be able to pick and choose what Masses I help at with our diocesan parishes.  You can rest assured that I won’t overload myself to cause this much of a disruption of my rest.

I begin vacation on January 1st and my biggest worry right now is that I am so tired and worn down that I will catch a cold (or some of the other things going around) and mess up my vacation time.

Ah well, these worries will either come about or not.  For me, I can only hope for another good night’s sleep and see how I feel tomorrow.  🙂


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