Better Than I Expected

I spoke at all the Masses this weekend.  I survived.  🙂

The talks went better than I expected.  A lot of people commented that they appreciated both the honesty of the work that needed to be accomplished on our church building as well as the humor in which the message was delivered.

On a personal/physical note, I was surprised that I made it through all the Masses (speaking at all five, celebrated three of them).  My bronchitis is trying to hold on.  I feel that I -might- be turning the corner on it but several parishioners (both pharmacists and doctors) suggested that I call my pulmonologist’s office tomorrow because I might need to be on a second round of medication.  I will follow up on that tomorrow.  But, I expect to have a halfway decent sleep tonight.  I am coughing less now, thank God, and am feeling as if I have more energy.

It’s heck getting older.  My parents both warned me about doing so.  However, there’s no option not to age.

Thanks for sticking with me on these blog posts.  You’ll never know what you will find and I hope my whining doesn’t get too much for you.

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