No Voice To Speak Of

pun intended

Here I am on day one of the new antibiotic.  It’s too soon to say how well it will work.  I barely have a voice because of the bronchitis.  I can’t say much about the antibiotic yet but I can say a LOT about the cough medicine prescribed for me.  It works!

I have had a horrible hacking cough with this bronchitis and the medication is keeping the cough at bay.  That is a wonderful feeling.

I also took the day to do what the doctor said to do: rest (and drink plenty of fluids).  I had an appointment at the cardiologist’s earlier today for ultrasounds of my carotid arteries and abdominal aorta in preparation for a checkup in two weeks.  After I came home, I went to the house and rested.  I went to a meeting this evening and then came back to the house.

Tomorrow is my day off so I will rest, rest, rest after the morning Mass.

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