Time, Talent, Treasure

So often, when we hear about stewardship, too many people think “money”.  They think that they are going to be asked to tithe, to give to a project, et cetera.  While there is a money component to stewardship — treasure — the other parts are just as important:  time & talent.

This evening, we had our ministry appreciation dinner for the many people who volunteer their time and talent at our parish.  There are so many ways to live the life of a Christian and to all of those who do so in various capacities around the parish and for the community, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I tell them every year and I always mean it:  I can’t do it without them.  They are the visible faces of the parish, they are the loving arms that reach out to others,  they are the ones who bring solace, comfort, and consolation to so many.

Thank you, volunteers!


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