Getting There…

I feel like a bundle of stressed nerves placed inside a stress bubble placed inside a stress box.  Our renovation project has been wearing on every nerve that I have.  If I make it through this project without getting an ulcer, I will consider that a miracle!

This project reminds me of my first artificial hip.  When I got my hip replaced, I realized that I had waited too long.  It really should have been done sooner.  Well, we really couldn’t have started sooner as this project is so huge and needed a lot of preparation and then raising of funds; however, we most certainly could not have waited any longer.

You may remember my sharing with you earlier this year that the air conditioning in our Solar Room had died and we could not repair it any more.  We have been getting by with temp air.

Well, yesterday, the air conditioning unit in our gym finally died completely.  There is no way to repair it.  And we cannot replace it immediately as it is part of a phased-in plan for air as it will be a part of the new system.  All we can do is get temp cooling for the gym for the next few months while they finish the renovations.

You know the phrase:  “It’s always something!”  I say it a little differently:  “Murphy’s permanent mailing address is our parish.”  🙂

I so look forward to next year when all of this work is complete!

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