Still Doing A Slow Burn

I was mystified and angered late last week when I learned about a California Catholic School that decided, in the interest of being inclusive, to remove their religious statues.  Statues of saints as well as the Holy Family were taken down because some of their non-Catholic clientele or potential students were “offended”.

Well, excuse me!

If you are coming to a supposedly Catholic campus, you should not be offended that they are living their faith.  You should be more alarmed at a Catholic campus that takes down all the trappings of their Catholic identity in order to be inclusive and, in the process, garner more admissions.

After all, I would think to myself as a potential enrolling parent at their school, if they are willing to take down all the trappings of their identity, what else are they going to throw out in terms of education?  How educated will my child be?  Is the school going to censure their textbooks to teach politically correct history?  Are they going to remove references to critical historical people because the references may offend?  Just how far can a school go in diluting an education before it is no longer a school?

Because it is certainly no longer a Catholic school.

They have already proven that fact by removing the word “Catholic” from their mission statement and by refusing to teach Catholic religion (now it is world religions).  Taking down their religious statues pretty much seals the deal that they are no longer Catholic.  They should be closed down, either by the diocese or by their religious order who sponsors the school.

Good Lord, folks, stand up for your faith.

Okay, I’m getting off of my soapbox now.

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