I’m Sad

One of the things that I have had the hardest time doing in my life is taking time for myself.  I fought with that long and hard for years with my spiritual director.  I would not take day’s off (I still only get a day off once or, at the most, twice a month) and I would not take all the vacation time that comes to me.

I began to do better about that, at least with vacations, a few years ago.

Now, all that time seems to be catching up with me.  When I go away for vacation, as I did this week, I do not want to come back home.  I am sitting in my hotel room right now sad because I have to return to Munster tomorrow.

In the past, I would have been packed already.  By the late morning the day before having to return home, I would be ready to go.  Not now.  I’m not even going to pack until after I get up tomorrow.

I am consoling myself with the knowledge that I will be back down here in several weeks.  I fly down on Sunday, December 31st after my morning Masses at the parish and will not go back to Munster until Friday, January 12th.  That is a vacation worth waiting for! 🙂

So, homeys, I’ll see you this weekend!

Pictures from my “safari” today:

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