Don’t Be A Cheapskate!

Yeah, you heard me right.  Don’t be a cheapskate.  I learned that lesson the hard way recently.

Many of you have seen me gimping around for a few weeks now.  I’ve hurt my foot and am trying to nurse it back.  The heal, actually.

You see, I’m a bit cheap, especially when it comes to myself.  When it comes to friends, I can be quite lavish.  I don’t mind spending on friends.  But on myself, I generally go cheap.  My favorite brand is “For Sale”.  🙂

And that is where I got myself in trouble a couple months ago.

The shoes that I had been wearing finally wore out.  No, I couldn’t glue them any more.  The soles were peeling and the heels wouldn’t stay on.  So I threw the shoes away as soon as I found a cheap pair at Walmart.  Now, I’m not trying to diss Walmart; however, they do not exactly have shoes that I should be wearing.  Especially being a “petite”.  I need shoes that are going to hold my feet well.  But, that is not what I purchased.  I purchased a cheap pair of shoes and wore them for a few weeks.

Walking around without adequate support, I stretched and pulled some of my foot muscles and am paying the price.  I switched to a good pair of walking shoes about a week and a half ago and am beginning to feel better.  I will probably have a little way to go yet; however, I think I am on the mend.

There are some things that a person just should not skimp on.  For me, shoes are now high on that list.


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