A Great Start

Fr. James Meade, the Judicial Vicar of the Diocese of Gary as well as pastor of Ss. Peter and Paul and St. Joan of Arc parishes in Merrillville is the speaker this year for our parish’s annual Forty Hours celebration.

He began his talk tonight by telling everyone how I invited him to be here.  He told them that I came up to him several months ago and said that I had heard that he had become ultra-conservative.  He was so conservative, as a matter of fact, that I bet he didn’t even believe in free speech.  He said that he certainly did believe in free speech.  To which I said, then why don’t you come to our parish and give us a speech for free.

The people in attendance laughed like mad.  So did I.  I want to go on record, however, saying that I never said that to him.  However, he was so convincing in his story that I might just have to accept it and say, “Yes, that’s exactly what I said.”  🙂

He really did give a marvelous talk to us this evening.  He left everybody with a LOT to think about.  It sure is making me look forward to the next two days.  Hope to see you there.  7:00 p.m. Monday and Tuesday evening.

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