Hi. I’m Mike. And I’m A Cruiseaholic.

Oy vey.  I did it again.

Yesterday, I received an email from Royal Caribbean telling me that I had an early booking window on some select 2019 cruises.  Well, they did not have to dangle the bait in front of me very long.  I bit.

Actually, I took the bait hook, line, and sinker!

I booked a cruise for the end of September/beginning of October 2019.  This one is going to be different from all my other cruises.  It will be a new destination for me:  a nine day Canada and New England.  It will also be on a class of ship that I have not been on yet: the Quantum class.  I will be sailing on the Anthem of the Seas.

Two reasons for doing so is the itinerary.  I have always wanted to do a Canada/New England cruise.  The second reason is the ship.  I have always wanted to sail on this class of ship.  A good reason for that, by the way, is because they have a limited number of “studio” rooms.  They are smaller than normal rooms but do not carry the extra price tag.  Usually, when booking, I have to pay a single supplement (often 200% of the rate) to go into a room alone.  With the studio rooms, there is no extra fee.

And, they have a few balcony rooms.  I found a video of what my room will look like.  It is the same room number but on a different ship.  This is on the Quantum but the Anthem is a Quantum Class ship.  My room is one of the “hump rooms” so the balcony is larger as it juts out on the side of the ship more.  This is what it will look like:

And this is a video made from a travel agent that takes you through many parts of the Anthem of the Seas in case you would like to see some of the ship.  I cannot wait for 2019.  🙂

And let’s not forget a word from Royal Caribbean:

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