I’m Here. Dead Tired, But Here

Okay . . . I’m here! This was the worst travel experience I have had in years and I will never, repeat never, travel by means of Delta again. Several postponements, reassigned gates, and the coup d’ grace at the airport this morning. We were all standing around the luggage carousel for a half hour when an announcement came out that, “due to technical difficulties” our luggage, just ours, all other carousels working, was delayed several minutes.

When we arrived, we also had no gate. We were bused to the terminal. In the rain. Going down slippery steps on the jet ramp.

But, I’m checked in and am going to rest. It’s too cool and rainy to do more than that. I get an extra hour’s sleep tonight as Europe moves back daylight savings time a week earlier than us.

I will be picked up, according to my note, at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow for transfer to the ship. I’m so looking forward to that!

g’night.  I hope to have lots of wonderful things to say about the ship when I board tomorrow.  🙂


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