Transatlantic – Day Five

Today was a long day and filled with lots of fun.  The day broke with very little rocking of the ship.  We are finally in calmer waters.  We also had a bit of sun today.  As the captain said in his mid-day announcement:  “The skies are partly cloudy, or partly sunny, depending upon how you want to look at them.”  Profound words!

First thing — well, okay, breakfast was first thing.  Second thing, I attended Mass for the Holy Day of Obligation (All Saints).  I even helped the celebrant distribute Communion.

The skies were nice, even the cloudy parts.  But the few times it was bright, it was magnificent!

The skies were not sunny and blue all day, but even the gray was perfect weather to sit outside and watch the very calm waters go by!

This evening’s entertainment as 1977, an Ice Show.  It was technologically stupendous and the skaters were phenomenal.  I had a great seat from which to view the show.

The show opened with the use of drones.


And, after all of that, the best part comes right now.  I am going to go to bed; but, before I do, I get to set my clock behind an hour as we cross another time zone.  I get an extra hour sleep.  Believe me, that will be much appreciated.  With all the fronts we have sailed through, I have a wicked case of bronchitis.  I’m hoping the extra sleep helps put me on the road to mending.

g’night, all.  More tomorrow.

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