Transatlantic – Day Four

Our weather has NOT been cooperative today.  All night, we were rocking and rolling as soon as we entered the Atlantic.  We are feeling the effects of Hurricane Oscar even though we are well to the south.  Around noon, I took this video to show you the seas.  Remember, this is a view from my 12th story balcony so those whitecaps belong to much larger waves than they look.

After I came  back into my stateroom, only about ten minutes after, the rains began to come down.

We have had winds and rain and waves all day.  The captain told us that it will be until tomorrow afternoon before we are sailing more clear.

I thought, with all the motion, that my matinee of the show, Hairspray, was going to be in jeopardy so, around 1:00 p.m., I called Guest Services and inquired as to the status of the show.  They told me that, as of then, the show was still on the schedule and that an announcement would be made if there were a change.  Within ten or fifteen minutes, I heard the “bongs” indicating an announcement was coming.  You guessed it.  Due to the motion and the forecast for continued bad weather, the show had to be canceled for the safety of the performers.  The show is rescheduled for our final sea day before Port Canaveral so I do not have to rebook.

I’m happy that they canceled.  I would  want the performers to be endangered.  There are a lot of moving sets as well as stage movement that are difficult enough to coordinate on a smooth platform.  But, when the ship is pitching and rocking, it makes for a very unsafe environment.

It did start to warm up a bit this afternoon which felt really good.  It has been very cold up to then.  I’m hoping that our southerly route brings us into nicer weather so we can enjoy the outside more.  Right now, most everyone is remaining inside.  It’s too windy (and wet) to do much outside.

However, this is my vacation and I am going to enjoy every bit of it.  Even the cold, windy, wet, rocking days.  I’m away from work.  That’s all that matters!  🙂

That being said, we are ready for Halloween.  There will be a big party, a haunted house, and other events tonight, including a balloon drop.

I went to the evening show tonight.  At first, I was tempted not to go both because of the rocking of the ship and the fact that I had a reservation to the 9:00 p.m. show.  My dining crew has been getting me out of the dining room early, so, I went to Guest Services and asked to be switched from the 9:00 p.m. show to the 7:00 p.m. show.  They had places open, so I got in early, got a great seat in the third row, middle, aisle, stretched out my legs, and enjoyed Hector is Magic!

This was one of the routines that he did.  It was the finale.  I lifted this off of YouTube but it was the same routine.  Just amazing!

And, even more magic than Hector is the fact that we are crossing a  time zone tonight and get to turn our clocks back one hour.  We will be rocked to sleep by the rocking of the ship and get to sleep an extra hour tonight! 🙂

First thing tomorrow morning is 9:00 a.m. Mass for the Holy Day of Obligation.  It will be in the theatre.  Happy Feast Day, you saints-in-the-making!

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