If I Ever Doubted

I got home last night from my cruise vacation.  I was only gone for five days.  Yet, in those five days away from “da region”, I breathed much easier and had no real issues.  Back less than twenty-four hours and my throat is scratchy, my nose is stuffy, my eyes are itching, and I’m back in allergy-hell.  I don’t know if it’s pollen related, mold related, or what.  All that I know is that I’m allergic to home.

I’m using my nasal spray and over-the-counter meds again hoping that I will make it through Masses tomorrow morning without too much hacking.  There are times that I think it would be good to see an allergist and find out just what allergies I have.  I know that my mom gave me many things, including her hay fever.  Oh well, this is home and I love it.  I’ll just have to stick with the meds.

Speaking of mom, an early Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

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