Ninety-Five And Still Alive

My aunt has been in very poor health for a while now.  In February 2018, she was admitted into hospice at home.  Yes, you read that right.  February 2018. She has been waiting to die, begging to die, yet she is still here.

Yesterday, her hospice nurse and I both thought that she would die last night.  She is apparently in heart failure, blood pressure dropping, sweating, erratic heartbeat, and short of breath.  Her cancer appears to have spread into her stomach lining and back.  She is now taking her pain medication continuously and we are encouraging her to take the stronger stuff.  She doesn’t want to yet, waiting “until the pain gets too bad”.  She’s an old, tough “farm girl”.

She perks up when people are around and even tries to serve them as much as possible.  She was delighted to have a spontaneous party thrown for her today to celebrate her ninety-fifth birthday.  Even though she wants to be dead, she was happy to make this milestone.  That means that, of all her siblings, she was the one to make it to be the oldest to die.

I’m praying for you, as you ask, Auntie Connie, that God take you peacefully and swiftly.  But, until He does, allow me to say once more, Happy Birthday. I love you!

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  1. Thank you for the family pictures… and God Bless “Auntie Connie”. When you get to that age (as Father Matt did), you’re more than ready to move on! But we know that God knows best. Still… enough is enough!

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