I had the 8:30 a.m. morning Mass today.  This was day three for one set of new servers.  They have been “nervous Nellies” all three days.  I felt so bad for them.  I remember when I first started.  It can really frighten you.

After Mass, I started working on my pastor’s page for next Sunday’s bulletin.  I wrote the column and put in a couple of other items.  I have one box to fill tomorrow and then will make the cover page for the bulletin as well.  I’ll finish that up before my 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 Noon Masses tomorrow.

After I did the majority of the work on the bulletin, we knocked off for lunch.  Fr. Declan, Fr. Andrew, Fr. Ted and I went to Kitaro Surf and Turf in Munster.  I think I may have written about it before.  We’ve usually gone there for dinner.  This was the first time that I went to lunch.  I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot.  Maybe even more than dinner!

They have a really nice lunch special called the Kitaro Power Lunch.  There are five different areas that you make selections from and that is your lunch.  It is a wonderful selection for a decent price.  The four of us ate for $20 per person.  Not bad at all for the quality of the food.  If you like sushi, give the place a try.  They always do a great job.

When we got back from the restaurant, I headed to my aunt’s condo to do some work and organize items that are being picked up by different people, items that Auntie Connie wanted them to have after her death.  I spent a lot of time wondering in the condo, looking at things, and remembering her.  It was a sad time for me.  Her loss is still really fresh.

When I got back to the parish, it was time for afternoon confessions and then I came back to the house while Fr. Declan had the 5:30 p.m. Mass.  I’ve been surfing the web for a while as well as watching a little television.  Right now I’m listening to it trying to rain in earnest.  You can hear thunder in the distance and see/hear rain falling on and off.  We are supposed to have scattered thunderstorms.  We’ll see what we get.

I get to “sleep in” a little bit because I have the later Masses tomorrow morning.  In the afternoon, I will be back at my aunt’s condo.  I am hoping to have the estate settled within the next month or two.  I’d like to have everything closed out by the end of September at the latest.  That would be an accomplishment.  Because my aunt had everything, and I mean everything, in trust, it has made this a lot easier to deal with than two other family members’ estates.  Thank you, Auntie Connie.

I hope you’re having a grand ol’ time being reunited with Uncle Mike and your dear son Mickey.  To have lost him when he was five years old and to live as long as you did had to form quite a hole in your heart.  It must be absolutely fantastic to be a family again!

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