This afternoon, I spent a chunk of time in my aunt’s condo, packing some things up and getting other things ready to be picked up by others.  My aunt left her niece all of her jewelry.  Her niece asked me if I wanted any of the jewelry by which to remember Auntie Connie and Uncle Mike.  As a matter of fact, I did.

I asked her if I could have my uncle’s ring.  I’ll keep that with my parents’ wedding rings.  My dad and Uncle Mike grew up together and were friends throughout their entire lives.  I’m so blessed to have something of his to remember the two of them by.

I was also given this picture of the two of them that Auntie Connie kept in her dining room.  A picture of the two lovebirds behind two crystal lovebirds.  “Memories, light the corners of my mind…”

Auntie Connie was that last link between Uncle Mike, Auntie Connie, my dad, and my mom.  Now that she is gone, walking through her empty condo brought such an emptiness to me.  They’re having a ball somewhere but I’m the one that has to wait now until my time comes.  Oh well, the memories of all of them are good ones and plenteous, so, I will be able to pass the time in peace.

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  1. You will not only “pass the time in peace”… but you will make the most of it! We are all waiting our turn! Frank, Tim, Mom and Dad…. and all the family are waiting for me!

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