An Emotional Day

Today was a rather emotional day for me.  It began with morning Mass at the parish at 8:30 a.m.  After the Mass, I went to Highland to pick up one of our priests and we went to LaPorte for the funeral of the mother of one of our priests.  Going to parents’ funerals always make me think of my own parents whom I have lot quite a while ago already.  I lost my mom twenty-five years ago and my dad twenty years ago.

While I was thinking about my parents, I got back home from the funeral and then a stop at the diocesan main offices and found a check from Morgan Stanley.  My aunt had left a substantial amount of money to me as an inheritance.  It overwhelmed me, humbled me, excited me and a few other emotions as well.  I simply did not know what to think or how to feel.

Thinking about all of these losses today has kind of made me blue.  But, life goes on, I have other special people in my life, and we only take it one day at a time, eh?

Thinking of taking things in stride, I found out that I am expected to travel to Rome this December with the bishops of Region VII (Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana) for their ad limina visit.  This is a visit that all bishops must make every five years to the tombs of the apostles as well as to give reports of their diocese to the pope.  As I am presently the administrator of the Diocese of Gary, that responsibility falls to me to represent our diocese.

So, December 8-14, I will be in Rome for this visit.  Lots to look forward to seeing and doing!

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  1. The second time I was in Rome, Audrey and I met with Msgr. Semancik and toured the underground burial sites. The first thing he said to me was “Be sure to wear a jacket.” It was cold down there! So most of the day was ‘Catholic’, and it was different from the first time. I hope you are as happy as I am about YOUR trip to Rome in December! And I hope this trip doesn’t interfere with any of your cruises!

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