I’m Official. Real Official!

When I got to the Pastoral Center this morning, I walked into the office of the bishop’s secretary to say good morning.  I had a couple of pieces of mail waiting for me, one of them marked “Personal and Confidential” from the Papal Nuncio in Washington, D.C.  I’m not used to this kind of stuff yet.  I looked at the envelope and couldn’t begin to guess what was inside.

Well, what was inside was a cover letter from the Nuncio explaining that he had included a copy of a letter from the Congregation for Bishops at the Vatican acknowledging receipt of my election as administrator of the Diocese of Gary.  So, if there were any question about whether or not everything was official, well, it sure is now.

Now, my pacemaker can reset my heart to a normal rhythm and I can go back about business.  🙂

One of the businesses, by the way, is looking for my travel arrangements to Rome in December.  I’m disappointed at the difficulty of finding non-stop flights from Chicago.  I’ve asked my travel agent to look for me and find either a non-stop or flights that connect here in the States.  I’ve had connection nightmares in other countries and do not want to be by myself without knowing the language.  The other part of the connection is that I want at least a two hour layover because my hips and pacemaker something cause issues going through security.

We’ll see what they can come up with.

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