Split In Two

There are times, recently, that I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.  I used to be able to “shift gears” much easier in going from one task to another.  However, being the diocesan administrator in addition to pastor at my parish and one of the deans and consultors, there are times, lately, whether I don’t know if I’m coming or going and what role I am in at the moment.

This is only after a month of being administrator.  I sure hope our wait for a new bishop is not inordinately long.

I was looking for flights to/from Rome for the December meeting and am discouraged at the lack of finding non-stop flights from/to Chicago.  I hate, let me emphasize that, Hate, let me reemphasize that, HATE, connecting flights.  The rush, especially when having to change terminals, is rather stressful and the additional checking because of my artificial hips and pacemaker, can really add some “fun” into the mix.

What did the good sisters used to instruct us to say in these times?  “All for Jesus.”

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