A Thousand Words

Yep, a picture says a thousand words, all right.  I think I could get it done in as few words as possible:  “Don’t get too close!”  🙂

As to last night’s post, the other shoe didn’t drop.  I got to work today a little later than planned because I was delayed getting away from the parish; but, the day went pretty much according to plan.  There were a few things that had to get settled; however, they moved along smoothly.

I met with the editor of our diocesan newspaper today and she showed me the proof of what was going to press.  I am very proud of our newspaper staff.  They put together an excellent edition about being a people of peace and love in a violent world and, for the annual insert, assembled a great Back-to-School edition.  When it comes out this weekend, I hope you’ll agree that their hard work paid off!

Well, unless you’re a student.  I don’t think too many students are excited about getting back to school.  Their parents might be excited; but, not the students.

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