I Met Some Aliens Today

After last night’s blog post, I have a follow up.  Not all students are reluctant for school to begin.  Some are ready and excited.  I met three such folk at the school this morning.  They could have been students.  They could have been aliens.  All I know is that they said they were excited for school to begin.  Yay!  Students after my own heart.

I always looked forward to school resuming.  I couldn’t stand vacations.  I loved being in school and learning so many new and interesting things.  I’m glad that kind of attitude still survives!

Whether or not they’re ready, school begins a week from tomorrow.  Yep, Thursday, August 15th, is our first full day of school.  It is also a Holy Day of Obligation.  We’re going to be very busy around here.

Ready or not, see you next week, students!

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