Do They Believe That We Cannot Think For Ourselves?

On my soap box.

I’m tired of the “news”.  You can call it “fake news”.  You can call it bad news.  You can call it whatever you want.  However, I think a better term would be propaganda hour.

It seems as if no news program simply gives the news anymore and lets the viewers/listeners decide on their own.  No.  Instead, either side tears the information apart piece by piece, interprets it the way they want us to believe it, and delivers it as if it were the real news.

I know that I am older; but, gee whiz.  I remember Walter Cronkite.  He gave us the news.  He read to us the happenings of the day and let us decide what to make of it.  He didn’t tell us what to think.  He just told us the news. Interpretation was not the big thing back then.  Reporting was.

I long for the days when we got the news unfiltered.  Some people might claim that they filtered it back then as well.  Maybe so.  I don’t know.  But, if they did, it  certainly was not to the level of nowadays.

Just gimme the news, folks.  I have a brain.  I can decide for myself what to make of it.

Okay.  Off of my soap box.

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