I Have Been Listening All Day

I cannot believe the amount of rain that has fallen so far today.  The lightning and thunder have been ferocious, the rains have been pummeling the house, and I fear for people out on the roads.  I hear that many roads are flooding over and people are having to look for alternate routes.

This is an awful gully-washer.  It began to affect me early this morning when my sinuses were going, “Pound, pound.  Hey, guess what?  The weather is going to be awful!”  My arthritis joined in, “I know, I know.”

The high school’s football game was postponed for tomorrow because of all the lightning that is flashing about and the rains that are lashing.  I have to start dredging up all the rain songs that I know.

I you have to go out tonight, please exercise extreme caution and leave yourself all sorts of extra time to get there!

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